About Liz

My Personal Philosophy:

  • I believe in an ongoing commitment to honest self-examination and self-development. I’m passionate about my own growth, and I know I can help you make the most significant difference in your life when I’m bringing my best self to the game.
  • The spiritual philosophy I am most deeply aligned with is Buddhism.
  • I believe in the importance of yoga and meditation to stay strong, flexible, centered and balanced.
  • Lots of time spent outdoors connected to the earth is the best way I know of to nurture my soul.
  • To have been born in this time and place in the world is an enormous gift. We have the opportunity to make the most of our lives, whatever that means for each of us. I believe to not do so is to waste the gift.
  • I have my own coach – it’s one of the most valuable investments I make in myself.

I have always been deeply passionate about inspiring others to tap into who they are when they feel most radiant and alive – and then supporting them as they move confidently forward from that place. Pursuing formal coach training has connected me with a calling and a career that’s a perfect fit for this part of my soul.

My Perspective:

I believe my clients are highly competent, capable beings. I serve as a source of objectivity, clarity, insight, inspiration and accountability.

Our partnership is primarily aimed at getting you attuned with your innate wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. From there, you become unstoppable.

My focus is to look curiously with you if it seems you are caught up in old patterns; consistently offer straight up, supportive feedback; and ensure you are always connected with your most powerful vision for your life so that you stay aligned with a truly compelling path forward.

Life Experience:

My own set of challenges has led me repeatedly to the wisdom that we are 100% responsible for our lives. I have learned that while at first that responsibility can seem daunting, ultimately it is what empowers you to truly own your life. I bring this perspective to helping you clearly see where you are giving your power away, and the options you have for claiming it back.


Career Experience:

Working with bodies:
In my late twenties I pursued a career as a massage therapist and spent 10 years working in this field. Connecting with people in physical pain brought me in touch with the importance of paying attention to our bodies (and selves) when we are overworked or neglected, slowing down to notice when we’re out of balance, and creating the space required for our effective healing.

Working with hearts and souls:
For 13 summers, I worked as a heli-hiking guide. The job description was leading people through challenging mountain terrain. The joy was inspiring them to push much farther than their perceived physical and psychological limits, supporting them in their choice to do so, and celebrating with them as they overcame their fears and stood on top of high mountain peaks that only hours earlier had seemed insurmountable.

Working with passion – the art of building a successful career:
For over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to pursue one of my truest loves – painting. It has always been woven through whatever else I am doing, and has evolved into a tremendously fulfilling career as a fine artist.

Building a successful art career is one of the greatest and most rewarding learning experiences of my life. It has opened up the space to fine-tune my skill as an artist, and it continually challenges me to hone the entrepreneurial skills required to grow and sustain a worthy business venture.

Most important is who I have become through tapping into the inner courage needed to keep putting myself out there in pursuit of my dream. It has given me a vital life designed by me, the sense of soul connection that comes with living on purpose, and the freedom and full permission to keep following my heart where it leads.

A link to my painting life: Liz Wiltzen ~ Fine Art

Professional Training:


CTI: I received my initial professional coach training through The Coaches Training Institute. CTI is the world’s leading International Coach Federation accredited coach-training program. They have pioneered and contributed to creating the industry standards and ethical guidelines for coaching, and have trained coaches, consultants and managers in most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.

Since successfully completing my training and receiving the professional credentials CPCC and PCC (Professional Certified Coach), I have turned my attention to building a thriving coaching practice as well as creating transformational workshops geared to both corporate and private clients.

In addition, I’m continuously furthering my professional training in my quest to be the most effective ally in my clients’ journey to create inspiring change and powerful results in their lives.


In 2013, I completed CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program, a 10 month long retreat based program designed to uncover and navigate the obstacles that inhibit us from showing up as our most creative and powerful selves.

 Through this remarkable program I gained greater self-awareness, and an expanded capacity to lead from my natural strengths. This transformational experience has been hugely beneficial in my own life, as well as giving me tools to empower my clients at an even deeper level.


I participate in an ongoing study of Mindfulness with a Dharma coach. Through this insightful weekly guided practice, I have become deeply connected with the enormous benefits and methods of bringing this wisdom into our daily lives.

In bringing this learning to the work I do with my clients, I have observed the remarkable opportunities for transformation that this way of relating to life creates in their world.


If you’d like to know more, check out this brief 5 minute interview I did in 2012 that explains my coaching approach and some of the benefits of it: