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The Real You is Wanted in 2018 – You Coming?



Who do you want to bring to 2018? The you you’ve been, or the you you choose to be?

This question is one we rarely stop to contemplate as we’re busy making New Year’s future broken promises to ourselves. The gym, the partner, the smoking, the drinking, the project we’ll definitely get started, or the one we’ll finally finish. We’re clear what we want to change or create in the world of form, but what about who we are being? What about the energy we’re fuelling our intentions with?

We often forge ahead into the new year dragging along our stories, our resentments, our blame. Our past hurts, struggles and conflicts, both inner and outer. We bring the constriction of limiting beliefs, rules and expectations that we have agreed to live by, wondering if we will ever get to have the life we really want.

Of course we’re welcome to lug all the crap we’ve been hauling around behind us for the last several chapters into next year, but speaking from experience – that shit weighs a ton.


Eliminate Drag and Let the Real You Radiate

On the other hand, we could choose to move through the space of our lives lighter. We could lean into whatever support we need to shed what’s not working, and start to show up like our presence is needed here. Like it’s a gift, like we’re meant to inhabit this body and personality that is us for a very specific purpose that only we can express.

What if you decide that every single thing that happens is an opportunity for you to become more of who you really are – and then meet it in that way?

What if you set an intention that will create a fascinating spin on every moment that comes after it:

“I came here for the adventure and the magic. I’m not doing this thing alone. I live in a friendly Universe that has my back – and I’m suiting up and diving in.”


Good to ponder:

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.” ~ Shira Therani

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