What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a powerful way to gain clarity about who you are and what matters most deeply to you. It focuses on where you are at now, where you want to be, and closing the gap between the two.

Coaching is ideal if any of the following describe you:

  • You have a great life, but you know it can be even better. No question – there’s more for you. Perhaps you even know what it is, but achieving it seems elusive, daunting, or “unrealistic”. That would be your pesky naysayer voices – the whole motley crew, trying to keep you safe (and small).
    We’ll pinpoint what’s in your way, and get after what you want.
  • You’re going through a difficult period for any number of reasons (hey, life throws curve balls) and your priority is to get grounded, centered, and still.
    Remember who you really are? That’s who we’ll be connecting you with, the you who knows a clear way through this.
  • You’re out of answers, back against the wall, feet in quicksand, flat out stuck- but determined to create the life you KNOW you deserve.
    What’s needed is a radical perspective shift, one that puts you in charge, at choice, and moving toward an ever-increasing sense of fulfillment and aliveness.
  • You’re at a fork in the road, not sure where you’re headed – just sure where you’re at isn’t working for you anymore.
    What you want is some clarity around options, and someone who’s got your back now – and your potential in mind – while you get busy generating awesome new possibilities.
  • You’ve got big ideas, for yourself and the world, and you want to make them a reality in the fastest, most effective way.
    What will serve you here is a compelling connection to your vision, laser focus and a watchful eye on balancing your whole life as you move toward creating the one of your dreams.

Coaching helps individuals grow in consciousness, power and effectiveness. If you’re ready to get into action – and committed to doing whatever is needed to create your absolute best life – coaching can provide a courageous, supported space for you to learn, grow and evolve more fully into, well – YOU.

I love working with people who want to invest in creating a fabulous future. I’ll be right there in your corner, cheering you on, fighting for your success and daring you to be remarkable all the way.


Please note – coaching is not:

  • Consulting or mentoring – which is about an external expert guiding your choices and actions. Consulting sets a course for the client to follow. Coaching assists the client in uncovering their own best course.
  • Counseling – which addresses what in the past brought you here. Therapy focuses on helping people to live functional lives. Coaching focuses on helping functional people live extraordinary lives.

The primary goal of a coaching partnership is to get you connected with your own inner wisdom, strengths and resources. As a result the changes you create come from within you, making them sustainable long after the coaching relationship has ended.