Why It Works

If you’ve decided you’re ready for a fabulous life – I’m here to help!

Together we’ll go on an adventure to uncover what’s holding you back, and what your life looks like when you’re focused on what’s possible – and determined to create it for yourself.

As you gain clarity about what is most important for you, you will begin to move skillfully through any limitation or doubt that arises. Most importantly, we’ll collaborate to create a rock solid cache of life tools that will keep you confident and on track no matter what curve balls life throws your way.

It’s not what happens, it’s what you do with it

I am passionate about liberating people from the illusion that they are limited by circumstances, as well as working with people who are already free of this illusion. With the right perspective, rich possibilities can be found in the space of every situation.

As we work together I will continually encourage you to consciously choose your response to outside events. This very important distinction has the aim of reminding you that your happiness, peace and success are always within your control.

Ongoing integration of this wisdom will help derail unproductive thought patterns, freeing you to direct your energy more fully into creating the remarkable, magnificent life you know you were born to live.

You are the expert in your own life

I firmly believe that the best answers to my clients’ challenges lie within them. Through creative exploration of all the important aspects of your life, deep truths are uncovered, important dots are connected, and empowering new perspectives are brought into play. From this place of increased clarity we will work together to design the life you want, and then get you moving toward it.

My training in the co-active coaching model provides tools to help us expose counter-productive patterns in your life and loosen their grip – so we can put them far behind you. In addition we’ll focus on illuminating untapped opportunities so your options for creating a great life are amplified. Passionate forward momentum is the goal.

Focused attention on your big picture

Once we have established the concrete objectives that you would like to pursue, we’ll create action steps that are inspiring and compelling for you. We will monitor your progress frequently to assess your headway and satisfaction. If you’re falling behind, we will explore what’s at the heart of the roadblock. When you’re soaring, we’ll be sure to take time to celebrate. Throughout our relationship, I will be offering up your biggest picture of your life for you to continually consider and weigh in on, ensuring that true north is always where you’re headed.

My role is to provide support as you gain greater insights about your life and begin to make ever more powerful choices. Once your vision is clear and resonant, it is simply a matter of staying connected with that vision and moving through any perceived obstacles in your path – with an unwavering focus on the life you want.