Structure / Pricing

Deep Dive Ongoing Coaching:

Setting the Foundation – 2 hour Discovery session: $500
Coaching: 2 one hour sessions: $500 per month

I see the most significant momentum, results and transformation in clients who work with me every two weeks. Your life will thank you for making this investment in yourself.

Pay as You Go Power Sessions: $275 

I offer the option of working together for one session at a time in service of those clients who have either done a lot of work with me and want maintenance sessions, or new clients who have a very specific topic they want to address.

These are laser focused one hour sessions that you can book as little or as often as you want.


Coaching is a process. While in the process you will be discovering things about yourself that will illuminate the way you see your life, your world and the people around you.

We’ll also be checking in on your beliefs, choices and actions to ensure they are consistent with your vision for your life. The clarity that is revealed here will naturally flow into confident action steps, moving you more quickly and directly toward creating the things you want for yourself.

Here’s what our coaching structure will look like:

Setting the Foundation

Our first 2 hours together will be an exploration session. During this time we will begin to clarify what matters to you, as well as discussing the primary areas in your life you would like to focus on. This includes the specific, measurable results you are looking for.

In addition, we will design how we will work together, and what you feel is the most effective way for me to engage with you in meeting the challenges that may arise as you move toward what you want.

During this session we begin to develop the mutual trust and respect that is essential to our collaboration, creating a solid starting place for our coaching work to flow from.


Once our foundation session is complete we will continue with monthly coaching, which includes:

  • 2-one hour sessions per month. These can be done in person, by Skype or on the phone – all are very effective.
  • I’m here if you’d like to connect between sessions for encouragement and support.
  • Together we will develop targeted action steps designed to connect you to your best life.
  • In addition we’ll create structures to ensure you keep the momentum going between sessions.
  • Finally, we’ll be tracking your progress and ensuring you are always getting the greatest possible value from the coaching relationship.

Awareness, action and accountability are major components of the coaching process. My job is to help you stay on track and moving forward – and this includes getting curious with you about your response to whatever is showing up in any given moment.

The intention is to keep you clearly focused on your big picture, and always headed in that direction.

I ask that you commit for a minimum of 3 months, and I recommend no less than 6 months to create significant and lasting momentum in your life.

Of course if you decide for any reason that coaching is no longer a fit for you, there is no obligation to continue. I do ask that we agree to provide each other with two weeks notice when either decides the time is right to plan a structured wrap up. This will allow for a completion session that will honor our work together and help to ensure a clear path forward for you.