What Clients Say

“Every time we talk it’s like bootcamp for my soul.

I fall back into old limiting patterns and our talks remind me of who I am and how I show up when I am not caught up in those patterns. I hang up reconnected with myself, clear about what I want to create, and ready to take action.”

Lisa Weber
Professional Dog Trainer, Entrepreneur

Liz, connecting with you has been one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. I have so much appreciated the opportunity to work with you!

You have helped me to restore my confidence by making me feel both validated and understood, and you’ve given me the courage to make big changes with the support of your insight and wisdom. These changes – although still underway – have given me a sense of restored health, and relief from the sense of struggle I was caught in.

Through our connection, I have grown emotionally and gained new perspective on my life and how I live. It’s been a tremendous gift!

Linda Boyd
Supervisor, Family and Community Support Services – City of Red Deer

I would say contacting Liz has been, without exaggerating, one of the best things I have ever done. Has it been fruitful? A resounding yes. What has changed in a year? Everything.

The day I emailed Liz to ask her for coaching changed the course of my life for the better in pretty much every aspect. Since then I have been racing towards my true purpose in life and my full potential as a person.

Liz has helped me grow personally and spiritually. I feel much happier, more fulfilled, more driven and more confident than I ever have before. I know more about myself, and my relationships with life, work and family.

I have thrown a lot of different things at her throughout this past year… personal issues, relationship issues, work, money, life purpose, etc.- you name it we’ve talked about it. And each time without fail she hits it out of the park. Boom. Wisdom abounds. And she doesn’t just spoon feed you – she helps you see the way for yourself which is much more valuable.

I’d say Liz is the sharpest person I’ve met. Like a razor blade. She always has something valuable to bring to the table and always knows how to navigate different spots in a way that not only rings true but also works for who I am. She might just be a life coaching wizard.

Pascal Tremblay

“I’m very proud and excited that I made my deadline but more importantly that I have achieved a long term childhood dream.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would get here……and with you as my ally Liz, I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve!

I can’t express to you in words how incredibly grateful I am to you for being there for me as I journeyed down this path.  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me reach this hugely rewarding goal.”

Kelly Perreault

“Liz has been a non judgmental guide in my journey to navigate through a difficult time in my life. Her gentle approach allowed me to connect with inner strengths that I had lost touch with and to focus on my goals. Working with her I gained clarity, a deeper sense of compassion, and the courage to pursue a more fulfilling life.”

Jan W.

“Having Liz as a coach has been a tremendous experience.

When I think of how much I have grown during our coaching relationship, I am amazed. I am leading a much more positive, fulfilling and focused life.

It is so great to have a positive but objective voice, one that is really out for your best interest, with no other agenda – someone who is consistently there to keep you on track to achieving all of your goals and dreams, to listen constructively to challenges, as well as celebrate the successes along the way. Despite a fair amount of upheaval in my life over the past months, I am feeling better than ever.

Thank you Liz!”

Kate Tooke
Graphic Designer/Artist

“We all have in us an intention to be more than we are – a heart’s desire. It might be buried deep inside, but it is there.

Liz’s ability to reconnect you with this true part of yourself and take you from self-doubt to possibility is beautiful and extremely valuable. Coaching has helped me see pages and pages of examples in my life where I have chosen to stay invisible and small. This is not how my book will continue to be.”

Sylvie Pepin
Registered Massage Therapist

“Liz, you were my connection to my light as I went through the darkness. Even when all the darkness told me not to believe in you, I did. I believed that it was possible for you to be right. You had never steered me wrong before and I’ve been all the better of a person because of  your willingness to open your heart and share all your wisdom and compassion with me, to assist me finding my light.

A gift of your patience and perseverance in believing that I would find my way is this: There is strength in knowing that I have been to hell and back. I have discovered a new level of  determination from the inside. This experience has left me with a feeling that I can stand taller and feel more deeply.

It seems like touching the depth of despair has allowed me to open my wings; a rite of passage in a way. Now I can use my wings to fly.

You have given me a super power for slaying a shit load of dragons. Thank you.

Natalie Findlay

“I had never been coached before and I came to my first session not knowing what to expect. My coach, Liz, and I talked it over and despite a little skepticism I committed to giving it 100%. I was not disappointed. I lost my job about half way through my coaching sessions and that became my main focus. It really helped to have someone to bounce ideas off and hear myself explaining my plans.

Before coaching I would do things very spur of the moment and later I would second guess my choices. Coaching helped me to see that if I could take the time to focus on what I wanted in the big picture, it was really easy to be sure I was making the right decisions for myself in the moment. I am happy to report that I am in the job of my dreams and owe some of that to my coach!”

John Sao Miguel

“After facing one of my life’s greatest adversities, I had lost my focus, drive and direction. Unable to make decisions, I felt stuck in a rut and overwhelmed with emotions. In my quest for balance in my life, Liz helped me find clarity about what really matters to me. Now reconnected with my values and my most authentic self, I feel empowered to move forward with purpose and certainty.

After working with Liz for the past 3 months, I am excited about the future. Most importantly, the present moment which is taking me there, is more enjoyable then ever. The coaching process allows me to stay true to myself, connecting me with a sense of love, happiness and joy every day.

Liz, we are not done. The work has only begun. I look forward to our future sessions and the continued learning it will bring.”

Marie-France Lessor
Owner/Operator – Auberge Kicking Horse B&B

“What makes Liz a great coach is her intense belief that each client has the capacity and the right to be who they are and live the life that they want.

This alone is freeing and encouraging for everyone she works with.  But it is the way that she shines her laser focus on the issues, while at the same time helping her clients see what the issue is really about, that makes Liz truly fantastic.

Her commitment to learning and growing and her wild courage in helping her clients face and move through challenging places in their lives make her the perfect guide and companion for anyone wanting to create change in their life.

Liz is someone who truly lives – she takes risks and challenges herself, she is open to the richness of life, and she wants all of that and more for her clients.”

Helane Fronek MD
Helane Fronek Coaching and Consulting
Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine
UC-San Diego School of Medicine

“I really appreciate your coaching Liz. I always feel your positive energy “over there”. You make such a difference to my perspective and outlook, and it’s a powerful experience having you as an intuitive guide.

I have learned so much from you, not only about myself, but also about being a masterful coach!”

Lynda McLeod