Women’s Retreats

Creating a Fabulous Life Involves Passion

And that’s our launchpad.

We bring a wholehearted dedication to aligning women with their innate wisdom and resourcefulness, leading to empowered choice in every area of their life. Our focus is to get you connected with your most authentic self, clear about where you’re headed, and confident in your ability to create magic in the world.

We believe you’re passionate about living your best life, because you know that you and everyone else benefits. We’re here to help.

If this is you – we’re a perfect fit:

  • Do you find you get distracted by life and lose sight of your goals and dreams?
    What if you were clear about how to be consistently focused, motivated and in action toward your most fulfilling life?
  • Do confrontational situations often lead to high levels of anxiety in your life?
    What if you could communicate with authenticity, courage and skill when needing to address any area of conflict?
  • Do you sometimes show up in a reactive and ineffective way when you’re triggered?
    What if you were able to easily connect with peace and well-being in any circumstance, and respond from the wisdom of that place?
  • When you think of what you want to create do you see more obstacles than opportunities?
    What if you were tuned into the possibilities available to design whatever it is that you want, while you watched the barriers disappear in your rear view mirror?
  • Is your life lacking vitality?
    What if you knew how to create more joy?

What We Do:

Our workshop participants engage in exercises that impact the way they experience the world in a transformative way. You will come away with a clear understanding of:

  • how habitual ways of thinking limit creativity – and the expanded perspectives possible through cultivating true curiosity.
  • the ways in which we don’t fully listen when others are speaking – and the increased capacity for intimacy and growth that is available when we are fully present in our interactions.
  • opportunities to bring the creative energy of authentic communication more into play in all of your relationships
  • the importance of being connected with your values – which makes you super clear about who you are, and results in decision making that is compelling and inspired

A critical component of our training is to combine our experiential exercises with interactive debriefs which are focused on integrating your learning in a way that will have a deep, positive and lasting impact in your life.

Upcoming Workshops:

Details will be posted here when dates are set for our next workshop. Feel free to email us us if you want to be notified at that time.

Create Your Own:

Our workshops can be customized to run anywhere from a 1/2 day to 2 full days. Workshop pricing varies depending on the duration, the location and the number of participants involved.

Please contact us to create a program that works best for you.