Who We Are



Liz Wiltzen, CPCC, PCC has successfully completed her extensive Coaching and Leadership training through The Coaches Training Institute.

She has a thriving coaching practice and is passionate about collaborating with people who want to take their relationships and lives to the highest possible level. She is committed to her clients’ quest to create inspiring change and powerful results in their lives.

Drawing from her 20 years as a successful fine artist, Liz blends creative wisdom with her intuitive instincts as a coach to present unique, transformative workshop experiences.

Through this approach an intriguing space is created where personal insight merges with imagination – illuminating blind spots and opening doors of possibility.



Kris Gleason, CPCC is a Certified Career and Leadership Coach who empowers people to rise above the status quo and break free from the pain of not living their truth.

Kris specializes in collaborating with clients to lead extraordinary, revolutionary lives and navigate pivotal life transitions such as:

-career reinvention
-shifts in gender, relationships, and sexuality
-recovery and spiritual rediscovery

See more at: http://krisgleason.com