The Art of Flow – Testimonials

“I loved the course! Throughout this journey I realized that I can always create powerfully from whatever situation I’m in. This relieves the pressure I constantly put on myself to get things right the first time. I now know that I always have the opportunity to choose, and I have gained the skills needed to get unstuck – and back into flow.

The course helped me learn so much about myself, and discover what limiting beliefs I hold on to. I think just gaining that awareness is worth taking the course. I have taken so much schooling and training in my life and this was by far the best course I’ve taken.

Marie Guillot

“I’ve done a lot of personal development work, and I got fantastic new learning from this course.

It’s challenging to say (with words) how my life is different from taking this course, but it feels like nothing has to be a problem unless I make it one. That’s very empowering! I recover more quickly back to flow and ease which is a fantastic feeling. I recognize that I can have dark, not so pleasant thoughts and feelings and still find flow – I always have a choice.

I liked how intimate the course felt, even with a group of relative strangers. Kris and Liz did an outstanding job of creating a safe space to share some pretty deep, personal stuff. Their consistent presence and support during the course was magnificent. I’m using some of these tools with my clients, I’m using them for myself. I’m so glad I did this course!”

Kelly Studer – Career Stylist

“Through this course I gained a greater connection to my ability to regroup and enter a flow state – and access to it no longer seems so elusive.

During the course, I was inspired to explore where flow was leading me, and to trust my intuition around a career decision I was considering. This led to respectfully declining a coveted interview for a position I had been desiring for a couple of years.

It was clear that I would be a healthier, more well grounded person if I stayed the course in my current role. I feel amazing and more clear about my future goals and direction!

This thoughtfully planned and delivered course was clearly a real labour of love, and I was saddened when it ended.”

Pauline Mousseau
Community Development Coordinator – City of Red Deer

“Thank you for doing this work, for putting this workshop together and for the learning environment you gave us. The structure was great for me – and the content was exactly what I was looking for.

I am definitely more aware of flow – when I’m in it and when I’m out of it – and I have a new understanding of how valuable being attuned to flow is. As a result I now:

  • take more walks

  • bring balance back in when I know it’s missing

  • take action to create what I want when I need to

  • set stronger boundaries at work

  • worry much less about the future

This is important, solid work. Keep bringing the light!”

Pamela Broyles