The Art of Connection

It’s Time to Give Your Relationships the Gift of You

We wanna help you shine.

This workshop is designed to empower you to recreate your relationships through authentic communication and wild curiosity. We are passionately committed to helping you see what takes you out of connection. From there you’ll build a powerful set of skills to create relationships that are solid, supportive, and joyful.

When you feel authentic, connected and clear in your relationships – everyone benefits.

If this is you – we’re a perfect fit:

  • Do you edit or alter who you are in an attempt to create peace, or stay in connection?
    You will identify habitual reactions such as over-giving, over-powering, and avoiding. And create a toolkit of more empowered responses.
  • Do confrontational situations often lead to high levels of anxiety in your life?
    You will gain tools to communicate with authenticity, courage and skill when needing to address any area of conflict. Learn to lead from wisdom instead of fear.
  • Do you sometimes show up in a reactive and ineffective way when you’re triggered?
    You’ll get clear on how to create an environment of alignment and mutual respect so that you are able to easily connect with peace and well-being in any circumstance.
  • Do you feel safer trusting your assumptions than checking out the facts?
    This is where wild curiosity comes in. You’ll become skillful at using it to transform judgment into understanding so that you can clearly see – and be seen. This is your launchpad to intimacy and real connection.

What We Do:

Our workshop participants engage in exercises that impact the way they experience relationship in a transformative way. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of:

  • how habitual ways of thinking limit creativity – and the expanded perspectives that are possible when you cultivate true curiosity.
  • the ways in which we don’t fully listen when others are speaking – and the increased capacity for intimacy and growth that is available when we are fully present in our interactions.
  • how assumptions mess with our ability to be in true connection – and the way to move through them
  • the importance of being connected with your values – which makes you super clear about who you are, and results in no bullshit, truly open-hearted communication

A critical component of our training is to combine our experiential exercises with interactive debriefs which are focused on integrating your learning in a way that will have a deep, positive and lasting impact in your life.

Upcoming Workshops:

Details will be posted here when dates are set for our next workshop. Feel free to email us us if you want to be notified at that time.

Create Your Own:

Our workshops can be customized to fit your group: colleagues, co-workers, friends or fellow seekers.

Have a specific time frame or location in mind? Give us a shout and we’ll build some magic together.

Phone: 403-763-9035

Custom workshop pricing varies depending on the duration, the location and the number of participants involved.