Workshops – Overview

The Art of Flow:
An Online Journey Back to Self

What Would Your Life be Like if You Lived in a Greater State of Flow?

We’re here to help you get there.

Join us as we lead an intimate group of twelve participants on a soul enriching six week journey, moving you out of stress and struggle and into greater aliveness and possibility.

Be guided and supported as you identify and release the old thoughts and behaviors blocking your natural energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Dive into summer connected with your radiance!  More info…


The Art of Connection:
An Experiential Tune-up for Your Relationship Mojo

It’s Time to Give Your Relationships the Gift of You

We wanna help you shine.

This workshop is designed to empower you to recreate  your relationships through authentic communication and wild curiosity. We are passionately committed to helping you see what takes you out of connection. From there you’ll build a powerful set of skills to create relationships that are solid, supportive, and joyful.  

When you feel authentic, connected and clear in your relationships – everyone benefits.  More info….



Pricing and Scheduling

Our workshops can be customized to fit your group: colleagues, co-workers, friends or fellow seekers.

Have a specific time frame or location in mind? Give us a shout and we’ll build some magic together.

Phone: 403-763-9035

Custom workshop pricing varies depending on the duration, the location and the number of participants involved.